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Noise Cancelling Headphones: The Sound of Silence

Your seatmate for the next 6 hours
Your seatmate for the next 6 hours

There are few certainties in life but among them are death, taxes, and if there is a screaming baby on a plane it will be seated very close to you and will not sleep peacefully for the whole flight. Sure, maybe you’ll get “lucky” and instead of a baby there is someone snoring or a chatty Kathy sitting close to you. How do you drown out these lovely noises to either watch a movie/listen to music or just have some peace and quiet? Many people have heard of noise-cancelling headphones and the difference between using them and not is the golden sound of silence. While many people have heard of Bose or Beats headphones, I’d like to share the new headphones I just bought that you may not be familiar with.

The Noise Canceling Headphone w/ Active Noise Reduction Technology from Monoprice!


Monoprice is an e-commerce website that specializes in electronics and accessories offered at prices that are a fraction of the cost compared to some other companies offering similar products. I first stumbled upon Monoprice years ago when I needed some HDMI cables for my TV and Best Buy tried to sell them to me at $75 apiece. I found very similar cables on Monoprice for $5 apiece and since then I come to this site first for when I need to buy something electronic. So let’s take a look at these new headphones.


These headphones were designed for superior noise cancellation, allowing you to drown out unwanted noise around you. You can then listen to music/watch a movie in peace or sit there quietly with a grin on your face as you watch the screaming child but can no longer hear them. I tried them out in my noisy office as soon as I got them. When I put them on I could only hear the muffled conversation of the people right next to me who were talking loudly. Once I turned on the Anti-Noise Technology with the quick flip of a button I couldn’t hear a thing. Then I tested out how music sounded in them and was pleasantly pleased that they sounded great. I don’t pretend to be an audiophile, but I tested out a songs with a lot of bass, rock songs, and even some rap and I have no complaints with the sound coming out of these headphones.


The headphones also came with a great assortment of accessories based on how you’re going to use them:

  • 55″ audio cable with in-line mic and controls
  • 1x 58″ audio cable with 90-degree connector
  • 1x 3.5mm to 1/4″ plug adapter
  • 1x Airline plug adapter
  • 1x Headphone/microphone splitter cable
  • 1x AAA battery

And my favorite part is that everything fits into a nice hardshell case with a zippered pocket for all the accessories so I don’t have to go looking for cords or an extra battery (Battery life is supposed to be about 50 hours but why not carry any extra battery just in case)


I used to just use the headphones provided by the airline or the ones that came with my iPhone and both of those did a shitty job of muffling anything around me so I could watch a movie (sidenote: am I the only one who gets on a plane and gets excited to see what movie(s) they’re going to play?). Occasionally I was able to borrow a pair of Bose headphones from my parents and the difference between the iPhone earbuds and noise cancelling headphones is night and day. Before buying these headphones from Monoprice I compared them to Bose and Beats headphones. Is the noise cancelling much better in those two brands? I would say its negligible. All three pairs do a great job of blocking outside sound. Is the sound better in those two compared to Monoprice? To be honest, I did find the bass in both Bose and Beats to be a little deeper and stronger, but when the Monoprice headphones cost $115 (Currently on sale for $99.75!) and Bose and Beats cost $299.95 and $269.95 respectively, is that small difference worth paying $150-$200 more for? To me the answer is definitely not!

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Final Thoughts

Using noise cancelling headphones helps to eliminate almost all of the surrounding noise from other passengers and the steady drone of the airplane. There are plenty of similar headphones offering this functionality but for my money I feel that the Monoprice headphones offer superior quality for a reasonable cost. Don’t just take my word for it. I’m just some random guy on the internet. Do your homework and make sure you get the best pair for your needs. I also found this article from CNET to be very informative and honest with their reviews of noise cancelling headphones. Whichever pair you decide on, noise cancelling headphones will make your next trip a lot more enjoyable.

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