Your Guide to Budget Airlines

When people think of the term budget airline they may shudder and envision sitting in the cargo hold of the plane with their luggage or flying on a plane that’s held together with glue and duct tape. While these types of airlines sometimes get a bad reputation, budget airlines can become a useful tool in your trip planning arsenal and save you a considerable amount of money compared to full service airlines. By definition, a budget airline is a low-cost carrier that typically trades some comforts and service for lower seat prices. These lower prices can offer great savings compared to bigger airlines. So what do you need to know about budget airlines? Let’s take a look! Read more

Set Your Travel Fund To Autopilot

Has this ever happened to you? Some friends ask you to go on vacation to the Caribbean or maybe your brother calls you and asks if you’re interested in renting a ski house for a week. How do you feel after your obligatory “sounds awesome, I’m definitely interested!”? Is it guilt and sadness that you don’t have the money to immediately say yes? Is it that stressed feeling as you try crunching numbers to see if you can afford to go and still pay all your bills? Do you wonder if going on this trip means you have to sacrifice another plan?

It doesn’t have to be that way! Read more